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The International Angle

Untold Airport Stories
Perks of flying back and forth oh so many times over the last two years: a collection of odd but amusing stories. Cons: too many to name.
My flight back to Wellington right before the break ended was excruciatingly long. It took me three days and two nights to finally arrive in Wellington. Let’s just say I could’ve booked my flights better. It was still a trip that consisted of overly entertaining incidents.

Flight 01: Hanoi – Guangzhou
I had an eight-hour wait at the Guangzhou airport. “WeChat” was the only app I had access to. I had about ten contacts on the app and only two responded (half-heartedly) to my cry for company. The wait resulted in me leaving totally random and embarrassing messages on my friend’s WeChat, leading to a rather awkward conversation where I had to assure him that no one was in fact trying to kidnap me.
I dropped my ticket somewhere down the line and only realised when I was queuing in line to board my flight. A thousand possibilities of what was about to happen flashed in front of my eyes and none of them had me arriving in Wellington according to plan. Luckily someone had handed in my ticket. I boarded my plane and continued with my journey.

Flight 02: Guangzhou – Auckland
I slept throughout the entire flight except for the two times I had food and the two hours I spent watching the old classic Roman Holiday. You might possibly think I had at least 8 hours of good sleep. Let me tell you, sleeping on the plane is pretty much an impossible task. You’ll be randomly woken up by a screaming baby, or the pain in your neck will gradually paralyze you.
The only thing worse than the horrible (yet still edible for god knows why reasons) food would be the lack of company. I remember secretly hoping to be seated next to someone with whom I can hold a conversation with, but I always end up with people that either avoid eye contact with me or people that genuinely just aren’t down to befriend strangers on the plane.

Flight 03: Auckland – Wellington
In Auckland, I was planning to head into town, but I obviously didn’t think things through as I had two large suitcases with me. My phone was also running out of data and it was getting way too late to plan out a city trip, so the possibility of me roaming Auckland went down to zero.
I stayed at a slightly dodgy backpackers in the middle of nowhere. It could have been a backdrop for one of those cheap horror movies, frankly speaking. I survived the night, and bid goodbye to Auckland without many regrets.
I touched down in Wellington around noon, thinking of the next time I will be up in the air again. Physically I was there, but mentally I was still floating up in the air somewhere.

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