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August 6, 2018 | by  | in News |
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Uncooked Chicken Served in Boulcott Hall Not “Safe, Nourishing, & Inviting”

First year residents of Boulcott hall were expected to eat uncooked chicken as part of the meals they pay for in their hall fees. On the night the food was served, students complained to Boulcott staff immediately. The kitchen staff replied by saying the chicken was perfectly fine.
The chicken was served as part of a student choice night on 24 May. Residents were able to vote for their choice of meal, of which they chose a KFC style night. “It was hyped up for weeks and then we got there and people started digging into the chicken and realised it was all bloody and red. Yeah it was pretty horrible,” said Boulcott resident Todd Western-Normanton.

Residents are now saying that the standard of living is not worth the $385 they pay per week to live in the hall.

“Personally I feel that [with] the amount that I’m paying, I shouldn’t be served something that’s inedible,” said Western-Normanton.

Another resident of Boulcott who prefers to be unnamed expressed she was “really frustrated” about the incident. “I was just completely over it. I was just really angry”. She characterized it as being generally representative of the quality of the food being served, which she said was “not good”.
Head of Hall Cass Feaunati was then prompted to post an apology to the Boulcott Kitchen 2018 page the following Monday. “We take these matters very seriously as it could be detrimental for all.” An investigation found that catering staff were found to have not followed procedure and were re-trained.

Currently catering services at Boulcott hall, as well as at all university operated halls of residence, are operated by Compass Group New Zealand Limited, through their business and workplace catering sub-brand Eurest. Compass Group did not respond to a request for comment.
Rainsforth Dix, Director of Student and Campus Living, said, “we want the food served in halls to be safe, nourishing, and inviting. As soon as we are made aware of any issues, we take it up immediately with the contractor”.
Students at Boulcott have complained about an overall low standard of living. As the Boulcott dining hall is undergoing renovations, residents are commuting to nearby Katharine Jermyn hall for mealtimes. Although residents found it frustrating having to trek down the road for their meals, Western-Normanton mentioned the quality of food at KJ was much higher. He also noted that Boulcott’s room sizes are half the size of KJ which he thought unfair as the halls cost the same.
The unnamed student is also dissatisfied with the quality of living provided at Boulcott. She said that her room only had a tiny panel heater, and overall noisiness and the threat of fines were concerns.

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