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One Ocean – Sex

Hi ladies n gents and all betwix in between it’s your fav, bad gyal Gigi back to talk some more shit for the real onez that are still reading salient. Today, we are gonna be talking about… SEX baby. Does talking openly about sex make you uncomfortable? Are you sexually active? If so, are you practicing SAFE sex? Are you breathing rn? If u answered YES to any of those questions then keep reading lovey, this article is for you. Here’s a few things you should know if you are shlamming, thinking about shlamming or want to know more about (u guessed it) shlamming.


if u HAVEN’T told ur parents that ur doing the deed (struggles of having pasi parents am I rite) you can register at student health and see a doctor or a counsellor for ANYTHING sex related and ur tea is kept hot and 100% confidential. You can take a friend if you need.




It’s V important to ask your partner(s) If they’ve been checked for STI’s recently. So brothers and sistaz, if you’ve stumbled home with a dark stranger from town on your arm (don’t @ me) and you think a clapping may be on the cards, make sure at some stage you let those 3 words slip out ya mouf… baby, u been (and I can not stress this enough) checked? (It might be a lil bit of a turn off but it’s better than chlamydia haha bye)


Also you can get STI checks done at student health and once again, FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.




Ok I swear to god there are condoms EVERYWHERE at uni. The chemist, sometimes outside VUWSA, and Student health bathrooms has a concerningly high amount lol (like who do they think we aaaare). So does any Family Planning building- which might be better since you never really see anyone you know at student health until you’re coming out of the bathroom with a handful of condoms and lube and everyone you’ve ever known is sitting in the waiting room haha (kill me). Buuuut, unfortunately for my sistaz there are no free female condoms and if u clapped but didn’t wrap the morning after pill is a disgusting $40 from the pharmacy but FREE through student health. However… u can go on the pill, get the jab, the rod, and that copper IUD thing + more options at student health for free but make sure u read up on the side effects and this does NOT mean you can get your cheeks clapped raw! None of these methods are 100% certain to stop you from getting knocked up or getting an STI. So if you don’t listen to me and wake up feelin sick one day or miss ur mate… good luck Charlie


(but srsly get someone u trust and go to student health if u get pregnant and don’t know what to do they are here to help!)




    1. do ur part in removing that ugly stigma around sex by talking about sex openly with ur boys or girls. It’s completely natural, and by doing this your friends will feel like you are someone they can come to if they’re ever in trouble and need help with sex things.
    2. Don’t slut-shame your sister or brother or ANYONE just cos they have a lot of sex. Leave that kiddie shit in high school we adultin now hunnies.


  • DONT GUESS THE YES:  If they say no, it means… you guessed it: NO. It’s a pretty simple concept. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soft no, a hard no, or if the no seems playful to you. If they are drunk, they can’t consent. If they are underage, they can’t consent. If they say no: anything from there on in is unconsented and counts as sexual assault/rape.



Stay safe out there sexy people, it’s a wild wild werld




P.S if you feel affected by any of the content discussed in this article here are numbers you might find helpful.



Call: 0800044334

Text: 4334


04 635308


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