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Salient is happy for other parties to use articles from the website. However no material on the website or magazine may be printed without the express permission from the Editor.

Legal Action

Salient likes to push the boundaries of journalism and taste. We realise that sometimes this may skirt around the edges of law. If you feel that we are breaking any laws or would like to complain please contact the Editor directly.

Internet Policy

Salient wants to provide a place where you will always find lively, fun and above all, intelligent discussion. The last thing the internet needs is another site where any attempt at debate above a promethian level is drown out by the mindless postings of internet trolls.


To make this happen we have made sure that all commenters on this site must register with a valid email. We hope this doesn’t seem heavy-handed, and to be honest we don’t like doing it, but we also believe that if you have something serious to say then you should be proud to say it.


We respect free speech so there are only three reasons for the removal of a comment:

  1. Obscenity, mindless abuse, threatening comments, and personal attacks have no place on the Salient site.
  2. Comments that put Salient into legal jeopardy, such as defamation or breach of copyright, breach of confidence or privacy.
  3. Extremely long running discussions slow down down the site for all users. If comment threads reach approximately 100, commenting will be closed.

Comments against these guidelines will be removed at the Editor’s discretion.

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