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September 3, 2019

Okay, your girl is back, refreshed and better than ever. The number of people that messaged me after my last article to ask if I was okay was both embarrassing and touching. Embarrassing that I sounded very sad girl on piano-esque, but touching to find that people actually read Salient and do care about me. […]

June 3, 2019

In a recent Dr Phil episode, our favourite pseudo-intellectual asked his audience members if they would ever enter into a relationship with someone who is disabled. 58% said they would date a wheelchair user, and 29% said they would date a person requiring full-time care. He then told his guest, a young woman in a […]

April 9, 2019

Before leaving home to begin my first year as any Arts and Law student would—at Weir House—I was shit scared. It didn’t help that everyone kept telling me that everyone was in “the same boat”. Because, as I saw it, unless everyone else’s boat had holes in the sail, sharks circling with a particular thirst […]

March 11, 2019

When respectful, politically correct adults ask what the title of this column is, I have begun to expect the same reaction: raised eyebrows, followed by an uncomfortable “oh!” This reaction had me doubting myself—was the use of the word “cripple” really just too shocking and off-putting to have as the title of a column which […]

February 25, 2019

I was nine years old when I made my best friend promise she would never treat me differently, even if I was one day in a wheelchair. I was 13 years old when a mother at school camp told me that I shouldn’t have bothered to attempt a physical activity—though I had been unable to […]

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