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April 26, 2004

The Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer had a thing about painting attractive young women. ‘Woman with a Pearl Earring’ depicts a beautiful milk-white skinned girl who, in contrast to her modest brown dress, wears an exotic blue and lemon turban.

March 29, 2004

Yet again Hollywood exploits another massacre, that of the Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee. What better way to kick start Hidalgo; the story of a horse and his man who set out to prove that it ain’t pure blood, but will that matters, by racing 3000 miles in an inhospitable desert dubbed “the ocean of […]

March 22, 2004

Right from The Human Stain’s outset I was put off. How can you take a film seriously when it opens with long slow panning shots of icy branches and a car travelling along snow-clad roads? Is this not one of the most clichéd images in film?

March 15, 2004

21 Grams is the latest film from Alejandro González Iñárritu, the master behind the brilliant Amores Perros. The title refers to the amount of mass said to escape the body at the moment of death – the legendary weight of the soul. Indeed, the film is weighted with questions about all the biggies: life, love, […]

March 8, 2004

Charlotte (Scarlett Johannson) waits around in her Tokyo hotel room for her photographer husband (Giovanni Ribisi) to return from photographing vapid celebrities. Having a degree in philosophy from Yale, Charlotte utilises her time lying round gazing out at the cityscape (mostly clad in only her underwear), and philosophising about whether she actually knows her husband. […]

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