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October 8, 2007

Hi everyone! The end of the University year is upon us. Congratulations to you if you have time to even read Salient, having completed all relevant assignments and being all studied up for tests and exams. I truly envy you! Another big congratulations to Georgie Dickson, 2008 Elected Women’s Rights Officer.

October 1, 2007

A big thank you to all that helped out and attended Women’s Fest events. The week was a successful celebration, despite everyone’s uni requirements! I had a great week and am especially thankful for the Stencilling workshop which has provided my flat with some fantastic artwork. A big shout out to all of our performers: […]

September 17, 2007

Hi All! Welcome to Women’s Week. Last week, Salient highlighted some of the issues faced by women today and showed why we need to celebrate our successes and question our shortcomings as women. This week, VUWSA is running Women’s Fest in conjunction with National Suffrage Week, where we celebrate the efforts of strong women before […]

September 10, 2007

To the men. There are many definitions of consent. The following is one definition in terms of sexual contact: Consent is permission given freely by someone who understands what they are consenting to and knows they can withdraw their consent at any point during the interaction.

September 3, 2007

Welcome back, everyone! Today I have collated three feminist ‘sub-groups’ and their definitions, to provide you with some new facets to understand feminism and its leaders. Feminism takes a lot of hits through stereotypes and general misunderstandings that circulate amongst our popular culture.

July 30, 2007

Hi all! For this column I decided to look at quotes depicting women and feminism.

July 16, 2007

Those whom have never been in the position to contemplate a long distance relationship are truly blown away by the concept. And understandably so. The idea of the LDR is based on limited sex, expensive phone calls and travel, constant interrogation from your friends, and at the end of the day going home to an […]

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