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September 28, 2009

This isn’t the VUWSA election season we all know and love. Things have been disgustingly quiet—cordial, even. The prickly tentacles of civilised discourse seem to have taken hold and wrapped themselves around the torso of this year’s band of gnarly political bandits. The universal law of student politics, much like the science described in Back […]

September 24, 2009

Another quality production day/night commentary bought to you by those who never sleep at the Salient office. 04:43 Mood: Why am I in the Salient office so fucking late/early? Fuck knows. Music: The hum of the computers and drip of the panel heater. Completion level: 10% Peeve of the moment: no shower. no shoes. 11:38 […]

September 22, 2009

Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Presidential candidate Alan Young revealed today that he supports Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) of students’ associations. Young, the self-proclaimed “people’s voice”, went on to say many of his supporters think VSM is a good idea and consideration should be given to it. Max Hardy, who is also running for […]

September 21, 2009

University Council members had to duck for cover as protesters threw fruit and eggs at them at a meeting where fees and the student services levy were raised today. VUWSA president Jasmine Freemantle was hit in the head by an orange, but Chancellor Tim Beaglehole and Vice Chancellor Pat Walsh survived unscathed. Protest leader, VUWSA […]

September 21, 2009

Hey, hey, guess what? Salient is the mother flipping best publication in the world*! Last week we took out the Fairfax Media New Zealand Award for Best Student Publication at the Aotearoa Student Press Association (ASPA) Awards. It’s the first time since 2004—when I was first year—that Salient has won this prestigious award. We also […]

September 21, 2009

You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting in the sauna for too long? That point where the sweat is trickling down your back, you’re on the verge of fainting, thinking to yourself “now would be a good time to leave”, just as the fat man in the towel sitting across from you gets up […]

September 21, 2009

New Zealand has been wandering down a dangerous path of political discourse lately. Between painfully phrased plebiscites, pro-smack acolytes proselytising moral panic, locking prisoners up in shipping crates and nanny state arguments, there is a glimmer of hope. A thin sliver, that somewhere in New Zealand someone cares about deliberative democracy. The New Zealand Republic […]

September 14, 2009

VUWSA’s Annual General Meeting is this Wednesday at 1pm in Mount Street Bar. At this meeting a motion to change the Salient charter is being put forward by one of the VUWSA exec members. The motion is as below: 18. That Salient provides regular coverage of VUWSA affiliated clubs affairs to appear in every issue […]

September 14, 2009

There are many ways to write any given statement. Some of them are ugly, some of them are functional, some of them are beautiful. When you are writing—especially if you’re writing for Twitter-addled youth—you should strive for beauty and functionality. Being the Editor of Salient has opened my eyes to the many different ways of […]

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