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September 7, 2009

Wacky whimsical Waikato wonder weepeats The former president of the NZ Jewish Council, David Zwartz, is demanding an apology from Waikato University over the controversial van Leeuwen thesis affair. In a letter published by the New Zealand Jewish Chronicle, which accompanies a reprinted version of Nexus’ original feature story about the thesis debacle, Zwartz accuses […]

July 20, 2009

Academics “talked of withdrawing from postgraduate supervision.” Waikato University Graduate student Roel Van Leeuwen’s Master’s thesis, Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand path, a case study of a satanic neo-Nazi synthesis was abruptly removed from the Waikato University library and online publishing repository in September last year, after […]

March 24, 2008

Interview material with Professor Roy Crawford appears courtesy of the New Zealand Herald. A University of Waikato deal with Saudi Arabia could be worth millions of dollars and involve building a new Saudi university.

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