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Nicola Kean: feature writer, philanthropist, womanly woman. Nicola is the smallest member of the Salient team, but eats really large pieces of lasagne. Favourites include 80s music, the scent of fresh pine needles and long walks on the beach.

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October 8, 2007

An eyewitness account of UN action on climate change With the inconvenient truth concerning climate change now generally accepted as fact, Salient Feature Writer Nicola Kean caught up with the United Nations non- governmental conference on climate change in New York, to see how they are going green and why the world will benefit. “GET […]

August 13, 2007

Sean Plunket doesn’t think he’s much of a morning person – despite his working day beginning at 5am. But, having been the co-presenter of Radio New Zealand’s highly regarded breakfast programme Morning Report for nearly eleven years, he says he’s almost got used to the early starts…

August 6, 2007

Do we need a women’s rights officer? Chances are, you’re probably reading this at a lecture. If you can bear to tear your eyes away, have a look around you. Statistically, it’s likely that out of every ten people sitting in the lecture theatre six are women. Given that men are now a minority on […]

July 11, 2007

Let’s just say, hypothetically speaking, that on an overseas junket, Winston Peters got trashed and licked Annette King’s urine off a street. Or let’s say he stole Gordon Brown’s toupee and hid in a closet for a couple of hours giggling furiously to himself. Totally hypothetical, of course, because I’m sure the Rt. Hon. Mr […]

June 11, 2007

The New Zealand media disappoints me, and quite regularly makes me angry. More often than not, something written somewhere will have me choking with indignation on my Weetbix usually about once a week. But what convinced me that I would probably vote with my feet, as Don Brash might have put it, in the near […]

May 28, 2007

Paying even the slightest attention to the TV news over the last couple of months would give Wellingtonian women a lot to be worried about. With two high-profile rape cases in the central city in just over a month, Salient feature writer Nicola Kean asks whether the city is a safe place to go out […]

May 21, 2007

Yes, that’s right. As if you couldn’t get enough of us already, you can now enjoy my inane ramblings in blog form, along with those of my comrade Laura. I haven’t got anything vaguely interesting to say right now, other than you should tune in to the Salient show on the VBC every Monday at […]

May 21, 2007

Student leaders are joining the chorus of disaffected constituents over last week’s budget, saying it fails to do enough to help students.

May 21, 2007

according to Salient feature writer, Nicola Kean The Velvet Underground and Nico – The Velvet Underground

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