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May 31, 2010

Ah, the ever-intrepid Rebecca Collyns heads out in search of punters to probe. How big is your student loan? What is your best money saving tip? What is your guilty money-wasting pleasure? How do you avoid getting wet on your way to uni? What’s your favourite type of pie? Yates, 18, CUP It’s only four […]

May 17, 2010

Where are you from? Who won the British elections? What are the most yolks you’ve ever seen in one egg? Have you seen the whales in Wellington Harbour? Who would win the battle between a tiger and a shark? Danielle, 19, BSC, majoring in Psychology Upper Hutt. Uhm… a political party. Two. Multiple times from […]

May 10, 2010

Once again, Rebecca Collyns goes in search of punters to probe about this week’s pressing issues: feminism, the budget and, uh, Disney babes. 1. Are you a feminist? 2. In your opinion, who is the hottest Disney character? 3. Do you know what the budget is? 4. What was the best meal you had over […]

May 3, 2010

This week our intrepid reporter Rebecca Collyns hits the streets armed with pieces of paper and some coloured pens. Here is what resulted. Have you ever visited the Te Aro campus? How did you spend your power cut? In your opinion, what fruit would splatter the most when dropped from a tall building? Have you […]

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